THE EARTH WILL BE HOME TO SOME 10 BILLION PEOPLE BY 2050, AND 70 % OF THEM WILL LIVE NEAR THE ALREADY CROWDED COASTS, PUTTING EVEN MORE PRESSURE ON SCARCE RESOURCES. THEY WILL ALL NEED AFFORDABLE, SUSTAINABLE POWER. Already today, thousands of islands and underserved areas around the world rely on expensive, polluting diesel generators and are […]

Sweden’s national bank warns of e-currency scam

False information about digital currency is being circulated online in Sweden, the country’s central bank said on Monday. Sweden’s Riksbank has repeatedly raised the idea of ‘e-krona’ or digital currency in recent years, but on Monday reiterated that a project launched in 2017 to look into the possibility of launching such a currency had not […]

Key African Central Banks to hold rates on CPI, oil prices

Africa’s key central banks are expected to hold benchmark interest rates at their first meetings of the year – albeit for different reasons. While the drop in oil prices could give South African and Kenyan policy makers room to hold off on further rate increases, currency pressures could keep the central bank in Ghana from […]

Kasoa Flyover

The construction of the 715 metres Kasoa Main Interchange is complete and ready for use by motorists after the scheduled inauguration of the project by President John Dramani Mahama on Tuesday evening. The opening of the interchange is expected to ease traffic on the Kasoa Road as drivers from Cape Coast and those from Accra […]


The Kwame Nkrumah Interchange will be fully opened to traffic today. To officially open the interchange, the Brazilian construction firm, Quieiroz Galvao, will hand over the project to the government this morning. The project, funded with a loan from the Brazilian government, is expected to ease traffic, reduce travel time for commuters and vehicle operating […]


Swedish startups are leading the way in the global development of digital healthcare by providing access to different forms of healthcare through mobile, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies. KRY is a doctor–patient app that lets doctors and psychologists meet patients over video. It has garnered a lot of attention – and some controversy. The […]

Pearl Delali Dorledzi

Ms. Pearl Delali Dorledzi is a co-founder to the Ghana-Sweden Chamber of Commerce. She is currently, a partner at Project Finance Africa – a Brokerage Firm that represents a consortium of Financiers with the sole aim of partnering governments of Africa in their development Agenda. She has previously worked as Programs Director for Women’s Community […]

Isaac Vanderpuije

Mr. Isaac Vanderpuije is the co-founder of the Ghana-Sweden Chamber of Commerce. He had lived in Sweden for 16 years and relocated to Ghana in 2009 to start his own business (Unik Klinning & Facility Management Ltd.) which has become a successful brand. Prior to the registration of the Chamber of Commerce, he had been […]