GSCC Services
The Ghana-Sweden Chamber of Commerce has various services, the cost of which is based on the request of a client. 
The chamber renders direct and indirect services. The chamber also takes into consideration the duration and venue of the service needed by the client. GSCC renders quality services at affordable prices to both members and non-members.

Some of our services are:

1. Business Development & Trade Missions
The chamber has the expertise that can assist both members and non-members who are either in Ghana or Sweden with the following services:
· To establish businesses in either Ghana or Sweden
· Staff recruitment
· Company registration
· Business management
· Finance and account management
· Training for staff
· Leadership and management programs

2. Match-Making & Networking
The GSCC can link both members and non-members with reliable and potential business partners in both countries (Ghana and Sweden) for business development.  
The chamber can also represent a company during conferences both locally and internationally to save one time and money of travelling. The GSCC can visit companies on behalf of a company at affordable charges. Please note that the charges will vary depending on the location.

The chamber in collaboration with its major stakeholders brings together various companies for fairs and business link-ups.

3. Event Planning
The Chamber assists companies with product launching and branding. This is done in collaboration with the client. The Chamber takes care of the food, accommodation, and PR services in relation to such programs.

GSCC Services
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