Head of Family Center (Full Time)

Head of Family Center (Full Time)


Make a Difference is an NGO which has been operating in Ghana since 2008.

Our main project at present is building a family center in a village called Bobikuma, Central Region. This new initiative would function as a support and education center for vulnerable families.


Aims & Objectives

  1. Empower Families Economically to prevent them from abandoning their children
  2. Cooperate with the social welfare to take care of abandoned children till a foster parent is found
  3. Support families to enable more children to go to school.


Goals for the center

  • To be able to offer accommodation for 30 people.
  • To be able to offer support on a daily basis for at least 30 children.
  • To run crop farm and animal husbandry that can provide an income and employment opportunities for the center
  • To scale up slowly in order to meet the overall objective of the center


Strategies to meet Objectives

  • Emergency housing would be offered for parents and children at the center. During their stay, parents would undergo professional training in order to generate a sustainable income after leaving the center
  • Run simpler preschool activities compared to that of the educational system in Ghana. Take care of small children (0-6 years) while their parents work. For families who are able to support themselves, a token is charged for this service.
  • Collaborate with schools in the catchment area through food, books, uniforms, shoes and examination fees.
  • Offer Extra classes and assistance in homework as a motivation to cope with academic work



About Bobikuma

Bobikuma is located in the Central Region of Ghana. The nearest town, Agona Swedru, is about 30 minutes away by road and has an estimated 7,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by many small low income and deprived villages. Their main source of livelihood is subsistence/ small scale farming. Some major crops grown in this area includes Cocoa, maize and cassava. Poverty is endemic and education levels are low. Children and adolescents often drop out of primary school and teenage pregnancies are very high.

The family center is in the last phase of completion and a Manager is urgently needed to assist in building the framework and Management of the center.

Are you a person that want to improve lives for families and children in a sustainable way?



  1. Supervise the care of families and children at the center
  2. Maintains the staff by recruiting, orienting, supporting , coaching , mentoring and supervising
  3. Transforming children’s/families lives by coaching, supervising , orienting coaching and mentoring
  4. Manage the centers finances and oversees all expenditure , book keeping and receipts
  5. Counsels guardians / relatives of children and manage their expectations
  6. Determines/ do a thorough background check on who qualifies to be accepted by the center
  7. Raise sponsorship (local & international) for the home
  8. Engage major stakeholders associated with the home (for example Social Welfare and Ghana Education Center)
  9. Report to the local and international board for Make a Difference



  1. Excellent organization and administrative skills
  2. Excellent Communication skills- both verbal and written. A spoken local language eg twi or Fanti would be an added advantage
  3. Ability to communicate and interact well with people of different educational, linguistic, cultural and socio economic backgrounds
  4. Strong relational skills and management experience
  5. Proven Management and leadership experience
  6. Ability to work with minimum supervision
  7. Excellent interpersonal skills


  • At least 70 % of your time needs to be spent in Bobikuma. The rest can be done remotely

For more information and questions – please contact Pearl;

Phone: 0244612170


Read more about Make a Difference at or check us out at Instagram @makeadifferenceghana

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