The construction of the 715 metres Kasoa Main Interchange is complete and ready for use by motorists after the scheduled inauguration of the project by President John Dramani Mahama on Tuesday evening. The opening of the interchange is expected to ease traffic on the Kasoa Road as drivers from Cape Coast and those from Accra would use the interchange and avoid going through the Kasoa Traffic Light.

The Kasoa Main Interchange is one of the components of the $160 million Kasoa Main Interchange and ancillary works, which include the construction of two footbridges – one at the Galilea Market and the other at the Opeikuma Junction, the construction of the 33-kilometre Kasoa-Amasaman Road and a lorry terminal. Also included in the project is the construction of 20-kilometre local roads within Kasoa, a polyclinic and four basic schools in some selected communities.

The works, executed by Queiroz Galvao Construction and funded by the government, began in August, 2015, and was scheduled to be completed in April, 2017.

Resident Engineer
During a visit of the project site yesterday, the Daily Graphic team saw workers of Queiroz Galvao Construction busily giving  a facelift to the old Kasoa Road. The Resident Engineer of the project, Mr Kweku Attakow Diafo, confirmed to the Daily Graphic that construction of the Kasoa Main Interchange was complete, and indicated that the project had been handed over to the Department of Urban Roads.

He said the ceremony scheduled for today was for the Department of Urban Road to officially hand over the project to the President for him to inaugurate it and open it up for motorists. “The Kasoa Main Interchange is complete so that vehicles going to Cape Coast and those from Cape Coast can use the flyover,” he said.

Mr Diafo said work on the other components of the project, including the footbridges, was 60 percent complete, and billed to be completed by the April, 2017 agreed completion period.

Ease of Traffic.
Mr Diafo said the opening of the traffic would reduce travel time on the road, reduce fuel consumption, minimise pollution and bring down maintenance cost. The Project Manager, Mr Pedro Ramalho, indicated that the opening of the interchange would encourage more people to put up more important structures in the area. Motorists are upbeat that the opening of the interchange would save them from the ceaseless traffic in the area.

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