Sweden’s way of acting during the corona pandemic may be a model for the future. This is the opinion of WHO crisis management officer Michael J Ryan.

The world’s eyes were once again directed at Sweden during the World Health Organization’s daily press meeting. WHO Chief Michael J Ryan was asked about Sweden’s strategy and whether Sweden can cope better with a second wave of contagion because there have not been as strict measures as many other countries.

“A model for the future”

WHO believes that Sweden’s strategy can be a model for the future.

“I believe that if we are to reach a new normal situation, Sweden can in many ways represent a model for the future,” said Michael J Ryan.

When the countries of the world re-open their societies, we will have to adapt to a period where our physical and social relations are limited by the presence of the virus, says Michael J Ryan. And there Sweden is a role model.

The medical service received praise

During the press conference, healthcare in Sweden was also raised as a positive example.

The fact that a large proportion of deaths linked to covid-19 occurred in elderly housing in Sweden was also raised, but according to the WHO chief, it is not unique to Sweden.

After Michael J Ryan, WHO Chief Executive Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke at the press conference, adding:

SVT’s reporter: “WHO is concerned”

SVT’s science reporter Johan Bergendorff finds the WHO chief’s statement interesting.


Source: SVT.SE

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